Is it a "Crime," or a "Policy"?

by Will

Will Grigg?s Liberty Minute

January 12, 2012

Former Republican Congressman Mark Siljander was sentenced to prison for offenses related to his work for a Muslim charity called the Islamic American Relief Agency.  The charges arose from Siljander?s efforts to circumvent sanctions imposed on Iraq during the 1990s.

Federal Judge Nanette Laughrey emphasized that Siljander did not provide material support for terrorism, and that his lobbying efforts were unsuccessful. However, she insisted that he had to be sent to prison as a ?deterrent? to others.

Meanwhile, revelations accumulate regarding the DEA?s material support for Mexican drug cartels, which includes laundering millions of dollars. The ATF has also pitched in to help the cartels by pressuring U.S. gun dealers to sell high-performance rifles to people suspected of working for those crime syndicates.

Dozens of prominent current and former officials are actively lobbying on behalf of the so-called Iranian People?s Mujahadeen, a listed terrorist group that has killed U.S. citizens. That same group is being supported by Washington as a covert asset to use against the current Iranian government.

When Siljander tried to break an embargo, it was considered a crime; when the U.S. government materially aids criminals and terrorists, it?s considered policy.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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