A Dictator Blames the Refugees for Fleeing

by Will

Liberty Minute July 28 2014

James Madison, recognized as the chief Framer of the US Constitution, explained in Federalist essay number 10 that the constitutional republic he envisioned would encourage political and economic competition among states. The assumption was that states that were congenial to freedom ?including economic freedom ? would attract a larger population of productive people. This would enhance that state?s prosperity, and encourage other states to adopt similar policies ? or pay the economic costs associated with a more oppressive government.

The original concept of ?economic patriotism,? in brief, is the idea that government should be prevented from stifling prosperity. Barack Obama, who famously criticized the Constitution for failing to mandate economic redistribution, has inverted the expression ?economic patriotism? by describing it as a willingness to submit to whatever regulatory and tax burdens the central government deems appropriate.

In a speech before a partisan crowd in Los Angeles, Obama condemned US corporations for a practice called ?inversion? in which they shift their tax domiciles to other countries with less draconian tax rates. Such businesses, insisted Obama, are ?corporate deserters.?

Obama, who is a socialist down to his corpuscles, sees the flight of productive people to foreign shores as an indictment of the refugees, rather than of his own increasingly despotic government.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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