A Light Sentence for a Privileged Molester

by Will

Liberty Minute January 2 2014

Over a two-year period, Milwaukee resident Michael Vagnini  molested dozens of people at gunpoint, thrusting his hands into their anal cavities while associates held the victims at gunpoint. Under Wisconsin?s criminal code, those acts constitute false imprisonment, aggravated battery, and sexual assault, all of which are felonies.

Vagnini, who has been convicted on criminal charges, should face a sentence of decades in prison. However, he has been given a term of two years, most of which will be spent in special protective circumstances because he is an ex-Milwaukee Police Officer.

All of these acts of forcible sexual assault were committed under the color of supposed authority, despite the fact that Wisconsin law explicitly forbids body cavity searches without a warrant. Many of the victims were left with severe and lasting injury. In one instance, Vagnini applied a potentially fatal chokehold before violating the victim?s intimate anatomy. One victim, James Ashford, was subjected to six illegal searches during a six-month period.

Vagnini and three of his colleagues faced  dozens of charges, among them sexual assault and false imprisonment. If they had been common citizens, prosecutors would have had no reluctance to seek the maximum sentence. But there are different rules for privileged offenders who committed their crimes while wearing government-issued costumes.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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