A Measure of Justice for Home Invasion Victims

by Will

Liberty Minute October 3 2014

Denver resident Daniel Martinez and his sons were gathered in the living room watching television when the home invasion took place. Five armor-clad berserkers carrying rifles beat down their door and attacked everybody within their field of vision.

One of the invaders grabbed Jason Martinez, a small 16-year-old boy, shoved his head through a window, then dragged him outside, threw him to the sidewalk, and beat him. Nathan Martinez was punched in the face, as was Daniel. His son, Daniel Martinez III, was put into a choke hold and body-slammed to the ground.

The assailants, predictably, were police investigating allegations of drug trafficking and prostitution. The officers staged the 11:00 PM raid on the uncorroborated word of two suspects. They knew before kicking in the door that they were about to lay siege to an innocent family. Yet they carried out the attack, then demanded proof that the victims were not illegal immigrants. They then fabricated cover charges and suborned perjury in order to justify their criminal actions after the fact. Two of the sons were acquitted of the spurious charges.

A jury awarded the family $1.8 million in damages ? but the perpetrators escaped criminal and civil prosecution because of the specious doctrine of ?qualified immunity.?

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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