A Timid Sheriff Keeps his "Gang" on the Streets

by Will

Liberty Minute June 23 2014

Darrion Holiwell is a self-described gang leader who is accused of serious offenses. After learning that he was being investigated by the King County, Washington Sheriff?s Office, Holiwell concealed his substantial arsenal and sent a text message containing undisguised threats of violence.

Holiwell, it would seem, is the kind of hyper-violent criminal suspect for which SWAT teams were invented. As it happens, Holiwell is a SWAT team commander and the department?s chief firearms instructor. He is accused of using his estranged second wife as a prostitute, providing steroids to fellow police officers, and stealing a substantial amount of ammunition for re-sale to local gun dealers.

In a television interview several years ago, Holiwell described the King County SWAT team as a ?gang?: ?Bad guys, we?re a gang, too?. As soon as they unleash us, go hide; guaranteed, we?re coming to get you.?

The indictment describes Holiwell as a significant threat to the community. The same is true of any colleagues who abetted and collaborated with him. Sheriff John Urquhart admits that his SWAT team, which is deployed, on average, about twice a week -- is compromised. Yet the sheriff insists that Holiwell?s government-licensed gang will be ?operating as normal? until the investigation is completed.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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