A Cash Economy With a Tax on Air


A recent poll on ChristianExodus.org raised the question of how far we might need to go to return to a free society, hopefully one with Christian liberty under the rule of Biblical Law. The results were very interesting. The least preferred answer, trailing even the frightening prospect of ?A New World Order? was ?Reform at the County Level.? This is ironic, because this is precisely what the current strategy of Christian Exodus is. With all the media hype about how far-out the Christian Exodus is, it seems it does not go far enough.

The overwhelming winner was ?Colonize Another Land.? Fair enough. Now when are all y?all anonymous slackers out there going to get the lead out? If you can?t make the move to turn the tide in a single County, how do you think you?ll ever make it to another land? Put your money where your mouse is!

Jason P. Sorens, founder of the Free State Project, and a scholar of secessionist tendencies, proposes that the greatest deterrent to secession is irredentist potential. In layman?s terms, that means that if it is easy for a people to re-join their parent country, they will likely never leave it. A positive factor usually involves a geographic barrier of some kind, like an ocean. He has calculated that in the United States, the three most likely places to secede from the Union are Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.


I recently vacationed in Puerto Rico, where there is an active secessionist movement. Like South Carolina, Puerto Rico was also bludgeoned into the Union by subterfuge, unjust war, and illegal occupation. My visit was a furtive glance at the vast regions of Latin America that might be ripe for colonization by those fleeing the tyranny and oppression of the United States. It was not as encouraging as I might have hoped.

On the positive side, the land is beautiful, fertile, and developed. There is healthy resentment and evasiveness towards Washington D.C.. Some of the natives speak English. People do business using aliases with cash under the table. I dampened their hope somewhat by telling them about how the chipped Amero will soon discourage all that. While sipping a Piņa Colada, when a cool breeze blows through the palm trees, one can almost imagine what it might be like to live in a free country; but alas- it is only a temporary spell.

The reality is that, like in the United States, most people are seduced into complacence by the sweet meats of slavery, and the soft yokes of their taskmasters. If someone is on the take, their desire for freedom is abated. In an economic system where everybody plunders everybody, the strong take advantage of the weak. Many of those living in Puerto Rico strive to live free of government oppression, and to ?get off the grid?? by generating their own electricity, but they are compelled by law to pay anyway, and forced into compliance by the ?Utility Mafia.? A friend was telling me how he had a prime location for a wind generator, but he was discouraged from putting one up, because of, you guessed it, a tax on air. They call it, ?Exploiting the natural resources of the commonwealth.? Where will tomorrow?s masses go in their yearning to breathe free? As far away as we can get from the center of tyranny in Washington D.C..

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