"Accountability" Only Goes One Way in Police State Amerika

by Will

Liberty Minute July 10 2014

The Clark County, Nevada Sheriff?s Office, the FBI, and the BLM all insist that rancher Cliven Bundy should be ?held accountable? for the part he played in an armed standoff over cattle seizures last April.

Like many other ranchers in the state, Bundy has been involved in a long legal struggle with the BLM over grazing rights and land regulations. For two decades, the BLM ? acting without court orders ? has deployed paramilitary units to confiscate cattle from ranchers in the state. Bundy is the last rancher in his part of Clark County, and the first to put up active resistance to the BLM?s cattle confiscations.

Although Sheriff Gillespie acknowledges that the BLM escalated the conflict needlessly by assaulting some of Bundy?s supporters and tasering his son Ammon, he insists that Bundy alone should bear the legal responsibility for an armed stand-off that nearly led to bloodshed. For its part the BLM ? which was found by a federal judge to be involved in a ?criminal conspiracy? against the rights of Nevada ranchers ? insists that they did nothing wrong.

It?s worth remembering that Sheriff Gillespie has sheltered police officers under his authority who have killed or otherwise abused innocent people. From his perspective, ?accountability? is for citizens, not for the armed functionaries who presume to rule them.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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