Bribing States to Centralize Power March 27, 2007


Idaho State Representative JoAnn Wood, who chairs the House Transportation Committee, has been excoriated as a ?dictator? for bottling up a highway safety bill intended to tighten laws governing seat belt and child safety seat use.

Rep. Wood's critics complain that she had denied the state nearly $1 million in federal highway funds offered as a reward for enacting the measure.

?The federal funding is only there if we do what they want,? explained Wood.

Exactly. If we take Washington's nickel, we get their noose as well.

Wood's act was intended to resist the continued centralization of power in Washington. Bribing states with lucrative highway safety funds is among the most effective tools Washington has for federalizing law enforcement.

The August 2005 federal transportation bill, for example, contained huge sums to promote roadblocks and checkpoints and to encourage impounding and seizing automobiles on very slender pretexts. The Bush administration has explicitly acknowledged that police agencies receiving federal subsides, however small, are under federal control.

Assailed by of the parasite class, Rep. Wood deserves the gratitude of those determined to stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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