Britain's Cultural Totalitarianism

by Will

Liberty Minute July 17 2014

Great Britain, once renowned as the Mother of Parliaments and the homeland of the Anglo-Saxon tradition of liberty under law, is now a fully realized post-Christian society ruled by undisguised cultural totalitarians.

The British Film Institute, which disburses tens of millions of dollars each year for movie productions, has announced a scheme of mandatory ?diversity? called ?Three Ticks.? To qualify for government funding, film productions must meet bureaucratic expectations for at least two of the three criteria ? on-screen diversity, off-screen diversity, and ?creating opportunities and social mobility.? In practice, reports the Telegraph of London, this means quotas ?for ethnic minority, gay and female characters on screen? and also regarding the composition of the production crew behind the camera.

Ed Vaizey, the British Government?s culture minister ? yes, there is such a position ? has said that he wants to see all television, film, and performing arts companies subject to the same requirements.

It should be remembered that ?Airstrip One,? the setting for the dismal totalitarian society depicted by George Orwell, had once been known as Great Britain. Nor should we fail to appreciate the fact that the United States tends to lag only a year or two behind the Mother County when such dreadful innovations occur.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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