Bunkerville is being terrorized -- by the BLM

by Will

Liberty Minute May 6 2014


Shortly after the BLM was compelled to return cattle the agency had stolen from Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, Nevada Senator Harry Reid condemned Bundy and the protesters who supported him as ?domestic terrorists.?


Reid's fellow Democrat, Nevada Congressman Steve Horsford, amplified that smear, breathlessly claiming that some of Bundy's armed supporters had set up checkpoints on rural roads outside of Bunkerville, and were supposedly harassing and intimidating local residents. According to Congressman Horsford, the alleged victims were too terrified to speak out publicly.


Many Bunkerville residents are frightened, and they set aside their fears to speak at a town hall meeting on May 1. However, it wasn't Mr. Bundy and his supporters who prompted those fears ? but rather the violent behavior of the BLM, and the refusal of the Clark County Sheriff's Office to restrain the agency's paramilitary enforcement personnel.


Several of the participants in the meeting expressed disappointment over the conduct of Sheriff Doug Gillespie, and appreciation to the citizen volunteers who had intervened when the sheriff's office failed to protect the community.


Despite his professed concerns for the safety of his constituents, Congressman Horsford didn't have time to pay a brief fact-finding visit to Bunkerville to find out what and whom they were afraid of.


Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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