Bush Attempts to Extradite US Citizens into Iraqi Custody for Trial. March 8, 2007

by Will

Amazing as it may seem, the Bush administration has attempted, on more than one occasion, to extradite US citizens to stand trial before Iraqi courts.

On February 9, the US Court of Appeals for Washington, DC ruled unanimously against the administration's effort to deliver Shawqi Omar, a veteran of the Minnesota National Guard, into Iraqi custody for trial. Another federal court is examining the case of naturalized American citizen Mohammed Munaf, who was handed over to an Iraqi court for trial last year. Munaf was convicted of kidnapping charges and sentenced to death.

?Trials? in the Iraqi court system are conducted according to Islamic Sharia law. They offer none of the due process protections of Anglo-Saxon law. Even when dealing with capital offenses, Iraqi trials usually consist of a fifteen minute interrogation by a judge followed by a plea for mercy from an inept public defender.
Let us stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free.

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