CNN Pundit: Public Can't Be Trusted With Guns, or With the Facts

by Will

Will Grigg?s Liberty Minute

December 21, 2012

CNN commentator LZ Granderson insists that it is insane to allow school teachers to be armed.

?In a country with fewer than 350 million people but more than 310 million guns, we don't need more of them,? pontificates Granderson. ?We need fewer. And when it comes to our schools, we don't need guns at all.? Granderson insists that it is much more sensible to have ?police patrol the area during school hours? because ?allowing guns in school is simply counterintuitive to the kind of civilized society we want to live in and represent to the rest of the world.?

Apparently, Granderson assumes that the guns carried by police in their school patrols somehow don?t count.

 In a column published last July, Granderson rebuked people for being ?nosy? about the administration?s Fast and Furious program, which provided high-performance weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Those guns have been implicated in mass shootings and the death of US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

The same CNN pundit who doesn?t trust teachers or other civilians with guns also doesn?t trust the public with the facts about guns provided to criminal gangs by the Obama administration

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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