Cops Don't Trust Each Other -- Why Should We Trust Them?

by Will

Liberty Minute January 22 2014

Redondo Beach, California resident David Perdue was nearly murdered by police on the way to the beach last February 7. Torrance Police Officer Brian McGee rammed his vehicle into Perdue?s truck and opened fire on the driver?s side without pausing to identify the driver, who he thought was former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner, who had murdered a police officer and threatened to kill others.

When he spotted Perdue?s car, McGee told investigators, he was ?panicking inside, thinking if I don?t get out of this car seat, I?m gonna die. He?s gonna kill me. He?s gonna shoot me. I one hundred percent believe it?s him.?

Dorner was a large, heavyset black man. Perdue is a slender white man. Once those obvious differences had penetrated the blinding haze of panic that had enveloped McGee, he stopped shooting.

McGee?s attack inflicted $20,000 of damage to Perdue?s truck. The victim suffered head and spinal injuries that resulted in him losing his job as a baggage handler. McGee?s job is secure, and he has been cleared by the L.A. District Attorney?s office. According to the DA, McGee made a ?reasonable mistake? when he rammed Perdue?s truck and tried to kill him sight unseen.

If police are this afraid of each other, why should the rest of us trust them?

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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