Cops: They Lie All The Time About Nearly Everything

by Will

Will Grigg?s Liberty Minute

January 19, 2012

Brian Hitchcock won?t be going to prison for the supposed offense of being rear-ended by Hermosa Beach Police Officer Anthony Parente last June.

The motorcycle cop had pulled behind Hitchcock at a stoplight; when the light changed, he pulled in even tighter and inexplicably hit his siren and running lights. When Hitchcock reflexively stopped, Parente plowed into the back of the BMW. The officer was thrown head-over-heels, landing in the backseat of the open convertible with his boots sticking in the air. Horrified, Hitchcock scrambled to help the injured officer, who requested his radio, and then called in the report ?Officer down.?

Although the LA County DA?s office found no evidence that Hitchcock was to blame for the accident, Parente?s colleagues conducted a month-long investigation into the driver seeking evidence of ?anti-police bias.? One detective lured the victim to a lunch for what was described as a friendly chat ? which he secretly recorded in the hope of capturing an incriminating remark. The police then attempted to have the middle-aged man prosecuted for assaulting Parente with a deadly weapon.

Four eyewitnesses testified that Parente had caused the crash, and the cop?s on-board video recorder conveniently malfunctioned. The charge was dismissed ? but only after a lying cop and his buddies put an innocent man through hell.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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