Do Police Ever Stop Lying?

by Will

Liberty Minute May 9 2014

Brooklyn resident Robert Jackson was sitting in his parked truck outside his home in April 2013 when it was rammed by a police vehicle that was being driven down the wrong side of the street. After Jackson got out to inspect the damage and to exchange insurance information, he was surrounded by a scrum of eight police officers who beat him and arrested him in front of his children.

If the incident hadn?t been captured on video, Jackson most likely would have been sent to prison on the word of the officers responsible for the accident.

Wisconsin resident Tanya Weyker was left with a broken neck when Milwaukee County Deputy Joseph Quiles ran a stop sign and t-boned her car. Despite the fact that the officer was at fault, and Weyker wasn?t intoxicated, the 25-year-old victim was arrested and spent a year fighting the spurious charge of driving under the influence.

Quiles, of course, falsified his report, claiming that he had come to a full stop and looked both ways before going through the intersection. Although he was briefly suspended, Quiles remains on the force ? on paid medical leave.  

Not every law enforcement officer is a reflexive, opportunistic liar ? but so many meet that description that the profession itself is unworthy of our trust.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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