Drunken Killers Behind the Wheel


Early on Christmas morning, as I was driving down a rural Oregon road on the way to take my children to grandmother?s house, I came across a smoking twisted car-shaped hulk of metal that appeared to have spun out of control only a minute earlier. I pulled over and went up to the vehicle to check for survivors, and a drunk Mexican came out and staggered around. With slurred speech and broken English, he tried to tell me that he was fine, the air-bag had saved him, and that there was no need to call anyone for help. As I noticed that another driver had pulled over and was calling for help, I went on my way. When I came back half-an-hour later to check the scene, the road was blocked off, and it was swarming with emergency workers. They had brought in a life-flight helicopter and several other emergency vehicles. I asked the flagman if there had been any response from law enforcement, and he said that there were few people available on account of the fact that it was Christmas Day.

Little difference it might have made. Last year, my children and I were nearly killed by a couple of drunk Hispanic young men that ran a stop sign at high speed, and ploughed into moving traffic. They narrowly missed the oncoming cars, and broadsided a lady only a few feet in front of me, totaling her car, and nearly killing her. As her car flew off the road, by some miracle she missed a tree by a matter of inches, and emerged unscathed, hands held high - praising the Lord in Russian. As I was the sole witness of the two young men who hit her (before they fled the scene,) I gave a description of the vehicle to the police. Some time later, I saw the same black truck parked outside my door, as the young men paid a visit to my Hispanic neighbor. The damage from the recent accident was plainly visible. I called the police, and asked them to investigate; but they deferred, telling me that since nobody was hurt, it was not a matter for law enforcement.

Some time later, when the same local police officer came into my house without my permission, and without producing a warrant, I asked him about this. He was harassing me about my guns (which were perfectly legal), since he had seen on his computer that I had a concealed-carry permit (my mistake to comply). He was somewhat nervous about my intentional non-cooperation with his intrusion, and refused to talk about the incident.

How many of our children need to die before we realize that El Presidente Bush y Los Federales are not fighting on our side? Like the first Republican president, these tyrants are trampling our liberties and waging war upon our families. Their allegiance is not to some long-gone Constitutional Republic, that exists now only in our imagination, but to their North American Union and New World Order. Do you really think that they are restrained at all by the Bill of Rights, or that there is anyone left to defend the Second or Fourth Amendments? These powers that be, have our best interests at heart no more than common criminals. They are the illegal aliens. They are the murderous drunken drivers. If our children are to survive in the land of our fathers, these usurpers must be removed from behind the wheel.

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