Ferguson: A Gangster State Emissary Kills a Gangster Wanna-be?

by Will

Liberty Minute August 22 2014

What if we perceived the fatal altercation in which Michael Brown was shot by Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson as an incident involving an identified gang member and a gangster wanna-be?

Wilson was employed by a police agency that fuels a deeply corrupt municipal court system. In a detailed and well-documented report, Arch City Defenders, a legal advocacy group, describes how courts in Ferguson and other St. Louis suburbs extract ?exorbitant amounts of money? through practices that violate the constitutional rights of the communities they supposedly serve.

Judges and prosecutors in those largely black towns are private attorneys hired to preside over courts in which poor people are denied the right to counsel and often hit with fines that are triple their monthly income. Failure to pay those fines results in imprisonment , unemployment, and homelessness. Municipal courts in Ferguson and neighboring Florissant collected a net profit of $3.5 million in fines last year.

The Missouri state government has documented that blacks in that region are disproportionately subject to traffic stops, arrests, and seizures in order to feed this system of institutionalized plunder.

Michael Brown may or may not have committed a strong-arm robbery before his fatal encounter with Darren Wilson, who is employed by a political clique that routinely commits similar offenses.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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