Good Samaritans in Handcuffs December 19, 2007

by Will

Will Grigg's Liberty Minute

December 19, 2007

The New York Police Department is in an enviable position: They have so thoroughly banished crime from that city that they have free time to manufacture incidents of petty theft.

The NYPD ? which, incidentally, does have more important things to do ? has left wallets and purses in various locations, such as sidewalks and department stores.

Anybody who happens to pick one up is immediately arrested for theft and faces prison time ? whether or not his intention was to learn how to return the item to its owner. The law, however, grants ten days to return found property.

Incidentally, during the last year the City Transit Authority conducted a test in which only three of twenty-six valuable items were turned in to the lost property department by subway and bus workers. Among the valuables that didn't arrive were a wallet containing $735 in cash and a diamond earring.

Would-be Good Samaritans face prison time, while government-employed thieves remain on the payroll. How typical.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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