"Gun Control" Means More State-Licensed Gun Violence

by Will

Will Grigg?s Liberty Minute

February 4, 2013

Barack Obama paid a brief visit to Minneapolis today to rally support for his administration?s proposals to restrict private firearms ownership. Significantly, he didn?t address the public; instead, he met with police officials at theMinneapolisPoliceDepartmentSpecialOperationsCenter.

The White House praisedMinneapolisas ?a city that has taken important steps to reduce gun violence and foster a conversation in the community about what further action is needed.? One of those steps was the overt militarization of law enforcement through the promiscuous use of SWAT teams.

Minneapolistaxpayers were recently forced to underwrite a $1 million settlement with Rickia Russell, a young woman who suffered third- and fourth-degree burns to her legs during a SWAT raid on her home. The raid began with the use of an incendiary device called a flash-bang grenade, which is supposedly used as a distraction. Russell had to undergo a skin graft from her scalp to repair her damaged leg. She is still undergoing therapy.

The raid, which was staged to search for suspected firearms, was carried out at the wrong address.

TheMinneapolisapproach praised by Obama didn?t reduce gun violence; instead, it expanded the use of gun violence as an instrument of public policy.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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