How Government Kills the Competition

by Will

Liberty Minute October 17 2014


With the US Postal Service facing extinction, the Federal government is following its time-tested formula: It is increasing prices, reducing services, and actively persecuting its private sector competition.


Last year, the Feds extorted a $40 million settlement out of UPS, which had been hit with merit-less drug and money-laundering charges. In exchange for the payout, the Feds simply dropped the case ? which means that the investigation was nothing more than a pure shakedown.


Now the Feds have targeted FedEx, charging the parcel delivery company with multiple counts of conspiracy and money-laundering for delivering prescription drugs purchased from online pharmacies. The company's management categorically denies any criminal misconduct. They also protest that the regulatory changes the Feds are demanding would effectively make the company an arm of the government ? which is the entire point, of course.


The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has piled on by filing a class-action discrimination suit against FedEx, claiming that the company hasn't offered adequate accommodations for its hearing-impaired employees.


This federal harassment has nothing to do with protecting the public ? and everything to do with eliminating private sector competition for an inefficient and obsolete government-operated company.


Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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