How Free Are We, Really? July 2, 2007

by Will

David Burch of White Cloud, Michigan spent a weekend in jail because a local judge didn't like the condition of his yard.

When Burch purchased his home last fall, the contractor who built it was supposed to finish the lawn, but didn't. After Burch made an unsuccessful attempt to lay sod, he was cited by the police and sent to jail under a city ?quality of life? ordinance. Burch notes that ?the people who work at the court [and] at the jail thought it was funny.?

There is nothing funny about depriving a human being of his freedom for any length of time, particularly for a supposed offense involving the maintenance of his own property.

This is the kind of thing we'd expect to see in Communist China ? except it happens more often here in the supposed land of the free: America's jail and prison population is larger than China's. Most imprisoned here were convicted of non-violent offenses, many as trivial as David Burch's failure to cultivate a photogenic lawn.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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