Impasse: Both Sides Crave Power, Rather than Liberty

by Will

LibertyMinute October 2 2013

The ongoing federal shutdown is neither catastrophic nor unprecedented. Similar budget impasses have occurred on more than a dozen occasions in relatively recent history, and they didn?t precipitate widespread hardship or lead to a breakdown of civic order.

There is no significant ideological dispute driving the budget stand-off. The leaders of both parties agree not only in principle, but for the most part in detail, about what they consider the proper role and size of government. Yet we are being invited to believe that the shutdown is an augury of a civil war ? or perhaps even a coup.

The NewRepublicmagazine, which is allied with the Democratic Party, published an essay recalling how Russian President Boris Yeltsin dissolved the parliament and then ordered a military assault on its headquarters when its leaders refused to leave. 

On the other side of the partisan divide, Republican-allied Christian TV host Rick Joyner has called for a military coup followed by martial law, which he says is the only way to save theUnited States from ?a terrible tyranny.?

This neatly summarizes our present political predicament. One side wants Obama to embrace open Stalinism; the other pines for a Pinochet-style military takeover. Both are fixated on obtaining and exercising power, rather than restoring liberty under law.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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