A War On Impersonal Enemy Targets Freedom March 22, 2007


Any time government declares war on an impersonal enemy, the real target is freedom. This is true whether we're discussing the so-called war on terror or its predecessor, the war on drugs.

Several weeks ago, Boise's NBC affiliate KTVB profiled an ex-convict named Dave Lanphier who describes himself as hopelessly addicted to methamphetamine. Viewers were told that Lanphier symbolizes the ?meth crisis? afflicting Treasure Valley. He urged that government do ?anything? it could to fight meth.

In a passing comment that should have been the focus of the story, KTVB acknowledged that Lanphier first became addicted to meth while he was in prison ? where the drug was cheap and easy to obtain.

What this means is that the Treasure Valley could literally be turned into an open-air prison, and those determined to consume meth will do so.
Trying to control what goes into the bodies of addicts simply won't work; their hearts need to be changed, and that task doesn't fall within the State's jurisdiction.
Let us stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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