Independence Day: Long Live Rebellion! July 4, 2007

by Will

For too many Americans, Independence Day has become an opportunity to celebrate the power of the central government, rather than to reflect on the principles of liberty.

In parades and other events across the nation today, extravagant tribute will be paid to Washington's military might. Of course, it is proper to express gratitude to veterans and pray for those currently serving in the military.

But Independence Day should extol freedom, not power.

The men who signed the Declaration were rebelling against their central government ? its tyrannical taxation, its infringements of basic liberties, its useless foreign wars. They dared to assert that all men ? kings and commoners alike ? were equal before the God who created them, and equally subject to His law. And they understood that there are times when patriots who love their country of necessity become enemies of the government that rules them.

These sober and responsible men didn't rebel for ?light and transient causes.? It is their spirit of principled rebellion we should honor this day.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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