Iraq Pays for Washington's Sins -- And We Will, Too

by Will

Liberty Minute June 16 2014


When Napoleon unwisely executed a political foe, his adviser Talleyrand said that it ?worse than a crime ? it was a blunder.?


The Iraq war was a world-historic crime. It was also one of the worst strategic blunders in recorded history. At least, that is the most charitable assessment that can honestly be made of the policy decisions that led to the unfolding regional catastrophe.


Prior to the US invasion in 2003, a handful of al-Qaeda cells found a haven in areas of Iraq not under Saddam's control. After Saddam was removed from power, and the Iraqi Army was disbanded, an authoritarian Shiite regime was installed ? with predictable results: Its abuse of the Sunni minority inflamed sectarian conflicts, creating a breeding ground for al-Qaeda.


Over the past several years, Washington has been actively supporting al-Qaeda elements in Libya and Syria, while simultaneously funding and arming the Shiite regime in Baghdad. Now al-Qaeda-aligned radicals have seized control of major Iraqi cities, the Iraqi army has disintegrated, and Iran is poised to intervene to prop up the government Washington installed.


John Adams warned: ?Great is the guilt of an unnecessary war.? Iraqis are once again paying for Washington's sins, and we eventually will, as well.


Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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