Islam Cannot Destroy the Christian Faith

by Will

Liberty Minute October 13 2014


Christian believers understand that no instrumentality in the universe can defeat God's purposes. Why, then, does Dr. Gary Cass describe Islam as an ?existential threat? to the church?


Islam is a heresy that grew out of the sinful personality of its founder and took on the characteristics of the violent environment in which it was created. The history of conflict between Islam and Christianity is well-documented. Those who consider the Bible authoritative have no reason to believe that Islam, or any other creed or ideology, will destroy the church.

Cass, however, insists that the very existence of Muslims is intolerable. Every mosque, according to Cass, is a terror cell, and every Muslim child part of an army bent on our destruction. He describes Muslims as the accursed seed of Ishmael ? a description not warranted by scripture ?and thus incapable of conversion. The threat posed by Muslims, according to Cass, is so acute that they must be forcibly sterilized, expelled, or killed.


Regarding Islam, Dr. Cass sounds a bit like the degenerate and resolutely anti-religious comedian Bill Maher ? and if he's convinced that Islam can destroy Christianity, his view of God most not be that different from Maher's, as well.


Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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