Keep Guns Out of the Hands of Government Employees!

by Will

Will Grigg?s Liberty Minute

January 18, 2012

?This is a Glock Forty,? explained DEA agent Lee Paige while lecturing an audience of about fifty students on gun safety. After dry-firing the handgun, Paige informed the gathering, ?I?m the only one I know professional enough to carry this Glock Forty? ? and then immediately shot himself in the left foot.

Attempting to salvage some object lesson from his foolishness, Paige attempted to handle another gun ? which prompted the schoolchildren to plead with the dangerously inept government employee to put the weapon down.

The videotape of the April 2004 incident in Orlando was turned over to the DEA. Shortly thereafter it leaked onto the internet, prompting Paige to file a lawsuit against the agency. That lawsuit was dismissed on January 17.

?As a result of the disclosure ? by the DEA, Mr. Paige became and is the target of jokes, derision, ridicule and disparaging comments,? protests the lawsuit. ?As a result of the notoriety arising from the disclosure of the videotape, Mr. Paige is no longer permitted or able to give educational motivational speeches and presentations.?

This is exactly as it should be: Paige earned every syllable of ridicule he has experienced, and should never be allowed near firearms again. Then again, the same is true of most government employees.


Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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