Liberty in our Lifetime


Liberty in our Lifetime

April 16, 2011

My friend asked me to write a blog entry, though I have not done so for years. I stopped, because I figured he was the only one who was reading them anyway. Even if that is the case, I will oblige him.

So what I have been pondering lately is this:

Why is it that only some men yearn to breathe free, and most others seem to delight in a comfortable numbness of slavery?

As a Christian, I believe that the revealed Word of God is amply sufficient to explain the human condition. It provides a comprehensive world-view, unlocking the mysteries of the universe to those who are properly enlightened to comprehend it. Maybe I am not spiritual enough, but I struggle to understand how it all fits together.

In my mind, a true desire for liberty is consistent with Christian virtue. Although a desire for liberty that seeks only the freedom to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of this life is tainted and corrupted by sin; there is a higher liberty that transcends this. Jesus said that ?he who sins is a slave to sin,? and that ?if the son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.? If the secret to true spiritual freedom is found in Christianity, and bondage is related to the evil desires of ungodliness; then why do American Christians overwhelmingly endear themselves to Socialist slavery, and atheist Libertarians seem to see beyond the Matrix?

The way I see it- is that humanity fits into four quadrants. There is worldliness, and other-worldliness; and there is godliness, and ungodliness. It's like a bell-shaped curve. In the first quadrant, you have those who are other-worldly, and yet ungodly. The atheist Libertarian. They are in the minority (outside the standard deviation, in the small tail of the bell-shaped curve.) They do not buy into the lies of the mainstream propaganda. They can see the falseness of the world for what it is. They see the hypocrisy of mainstream Christianity, and reject it altogether, as it as if it were just another self-aggrandizing lie of the world. As you ascend the curve, you have those who are ungodly, and yet very worldly. They constitute a majority of people who reject the gospel, and seek to enjoy whatever position they can find in this life. As the curve peaks over into the right side, you have a majority of those who profess Christianity, and yet cling to whatever worldly advantage they can find. They are content to accept the blessings of the knowledge of God, and yet resist being drawn outside their comfort zone, clinging to whatever temporal advantages they can afford. Every now and again they might have to make certain compromises with the common majority of ungodly, worldly people, in order to maintain their favorable position, but they consider this a reasonable accommodation, and explain it as their being ?salt and light? as they gradually sell out certain principles to keep their seat at the table. The final quadrant consists of those who embrace salvation in Christ, and yet reject the corrupting influences of the pale of deception which is cast over the vast majority. They are willing to sacrifice temporal advantages to preserve spiritual integrity.

Of course I would want to be in that final quadrant with a minority of other-worldly and faithful Christians. Why is it that I sometimes seem to have more in common with the atheist Libertarian than the worldly Christian? I sometimes pose the question ?What is the opposite of true Christianity?? Many Christians would think of someone whose life is a mess with sinful additions, failing to hold together even a modicum of presentability. On the contrary, I think of Caesar, ruler of the world, (even a ?Christian? Caesar if you like,) a vortex of worldly acclaim, representing something that most men (even Christian men) would aspire to become.

Think of Christ on earth. Who were his main adversaries? Were they not the chief rulers (even the religious ones?) Who were those who came closest to him? Were they not the outcasts of society (even the ungodly ones, like the harlots and despised tax-collectors?)

Mainstream American Christianity has been thoroughly infected with Statism. They are striving to join the Sanhedrin, and to sit down to dinner with Herod or Pilate. They have been deluded with a false sense of security in their respectability among men.

They keep all the commandments... They would not turn aside from God unto idols (They are too busy prostrating themselves before government as their protector.) They would not profane the name of God (They are too busy taking oaths for government and finance.) They would not profane the time of rest (They are too busy working out their own salvation with various rituals and observances to pause for that.) They would not disregard their parents (National healthcare will ?take care? of them.) They would never kill someone (The government handles all that on their behalf through unjust war and abortion.) They would not commit adultery (No need, the government gives them license to divorce and remarry as many times as they please.) They would not steal (Why bother? the State will do it for them, and provide them all the benefits they need with the pilfered goods.) The would not bear false witness (The government or media would never lie to us, would they?) And of course they would not covet their neighbors' goods (Anything they want is available through the forced transfer of wealth, taken care of by the State, and it's all legal.) It's all legal, all of it- and so it must be okay, right? At least they are respectable people, and not like those sinners, those prostitutes and winebibbers over there, hanging out with some guy preaching crazy stuff.

I love Christ, and I love liberty. Somehow I believe these are consistent with each other. Even though Christ did not promise us protection in civil liberties (to the contrary, he leads the way towards a life which suffers from persecution, which is in essence a violation of our civil liberties.) He does provide true liberty, which is something which transcends this world in a spiritual sense, and yet manifests itself in distinct refusals to compromise with majority behaviors; and by its very nature does not find favor with the world.

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