Lynching Bowe

by Will

Liberty Minute June 13 2014

Owing to a severely restricted information diet, millions of Americans believe that Bowe Bergdahl is a collaborator who was cynically exchanged for five hard-core jihadists and war criminals. Many of them likewise believe that Bowe?s father uttered a Muslim victory prayer at the Rose Garden, thereby claiming the White House on behalf of Islam.

Bowe abandoned his post, but was apparently captured by Taliban forces while using a latrine. He fought his captors and sought to escape on several occasions, and was reportedly tortured by them as a result.

The former Gitmo detainees released in exchange for Bowe were actually considered allies or potential allies at one time by the CIA. Retired Colonel Morris Davis, the former chief prosecutor at Gitmo, considered them to be unremarkable and points out that there wasn?t sufficient evidence to prosecute them.

The supposedly cryptic phrase uttered by Bob Bergdahl at the White House is a familiar Arabic prayer used by Muslims and some Arab Christians. A description of God?s compassion and mercy, the phrase is quite similar to Psalm 145:6-9. And the phrase was spoken on several occasions in the presence of President George W. Bush.

Those indicting or convicting Bowe on the basis of rumor and innuendo display the ethics of a lynch mob.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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