Murderers Jerad and Amanda Miller Were Police Informants

by Will

Liberty Minute June 19 2014

Jerad and Amanda Miller were among many hundreds of people who traveled to Bunkerville, Nevada to support rancher Cliven Bundy in his confrontation with the BLM. They may well have been the only volunteers who were asked to leave because of concerns regarding what was described as their ?aggressive nature and volatility.?

During their brief visit, however, Jerad was interviewed by the local NBC affiliate, which meant that he was depicted as representative of the people who had rallied to the Bundy family?s cause.

A few weeks later, the couple murdered three people, including two Las Vegas police officers who were having lunch.  Critics of Cliven Bundy and his supporters insist that they share collective responsibility for that crime, even though they expelled the Millers from the protest area.

Significantly, the Millers worked as informants with Nevada law enforcement agencies prior to the June 8th shootings in Las Vegas. Jerad Miller, who was mired in the probation system because of narcotics convictions, was precisely the kind of person whose vulnerabilities make him valuable as an informant and provocateur.

Rather than being radicalized by so-called anti-government extremists, Jerad Miller could be seen as a living example of ?blowback? in the government?s war on drugs.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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