Neither "Authority" nor "Revolution" Can Justify Murder

by Will

Liberty Minute June 10 2014

Three human beings were murdered in Las Vegas on June 8. Two of them were officers with the Metro Police Department, whose names have been widely publicized, and whose deaths will be the focus of an elaborate public ritual of state-focused mourning. The third, whose name has not been disclosed, was described as a ?civilian,? which means that his violent death will not be similarly commemorated.

All three of the victims were irreplaceable human beings made in the image of our Creator, and were loved by their now-bereaved families. One of them, Officer Alyn Beck, was distantly related to me by marriage. Before killing themselves, the murderers reportedly described their crime as a revolutionary act.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval properly referred to the killings as an ?act of senseless violence.? That description applies just as appropriately to scores of incidents in which officers of the Metro PD have killed or mutilated innocent people ? and have never been held accountable for those crimes.

The act of murder arises from violent impulses innate to fallen, unredeemed man. It cannot be justified by invoking authority, or revolutionary designs. Just as all individuals are irreplaceable, all acts of murder are reprehensible.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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