Obama: The View from the (Relatively) Honest Left

by Will

Liberty Minute September 23 2014

 During a recent interview, left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore shared what he would say if he had a personal audience with Barack Obama: ?When the history is written of this era, this is how you'll be remembered ? he was the first black president.? This is ?not a bad accomplishment,? Moore continued, ?but that's it.? Speaking from a progressive point of view, Moore described the Obama presidency as ?a big disappointment.?

 Moore doesn't disguise his political leanings in his films, the most notable of which is ?Fahrenheit 9/11,? a relentlessly critical examination of the presidency of George W. Bush and the Iraq war. He has criticized Obama for renewing US involvement in Iraq ? but that's not his only complaint.

 During his 2008 campaign, Obama was expansively critical of the Bush administration's foreign policy and its servile posture toward Wall Street. He also condemned the consolidation of power in the executive branch, the practice of torture, indefinite detention of Gitmo inmates, and warrantless surveillance. As president he has continued those policies, expanded them, or -- in the case of torture -- condoned those who carried them out.

 Whatever else can be said about Moore, he's among the handful of leftists who are honest enough to admit that Obama is not materially different from his predecessor.

  Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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