Once You've Been the Hammer, it's no Fun to be the Nail

by Will

Liberty Minute June 9 2014

Sandy, Utah resident Mark Shurtleff recently joined the ever-growing ranks of Americans whose homes have been violated, and families have been terrorized, by SWAT raids.

Shurtleff?s 17-year-old daughter was  in the bathroom when the strangers in body armor trained the laser sights of automatic weapons on her chest and ordered her out of the home.

?These John Wayne wannabees, freakin? Clinton Eastwood `Dirty Harry? tactics were absolutely unacceptable and unneeded,? Shurtleff complained on a local talk radio program.

Shurtleff?s home was one of three hit by SWAT raids on the morning of June 3. Shurtleff is a former Utah attorney general. He and his successor, John Swallow, are suspected of campaign finance law violations. The third subject of the SWAT raids, Renae Cowley, is a former campaign staffer to Swallow.

Nobody associated with that investigation is suspected of a violent crime. The Utah State Police and FBI insist that the raids were carried out in compliance with the standard operating procedures that were followed during Shurtleff?s tenure in office, when he authorized SWAT raids against such targets as rave parties and video merchants suspected of copyright violations.

Shurtleff?s complaint is the predictable protest of a hammer unaccustomed to being treated like a nail.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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