Only Sick and Evil People Resist Progressivism

by Will

Liberty Minute May 8 2014


In the years following World War II, a group of academics led by Marxist Theodor Adorno compiled a large and thoroughly dishonest study entitled ?The Authoritarian Personality.? This wasn't a work of scholarship. It was an ideological polemic intended to treat conservatives and traditionalists as people harboring secret impulses toward fascism.


The study treated conservatism as both a moral flaw and a form of mental illness. This isn't surprising, given that the Soviet Union ? to which Adorno and some of his colleagues bore allegiance ? treated opposition to socialism as a mental disorder.


The Adorno thesis has recently been revived as an explanation for the emergence of the Tea Party and other grassroots right-wing movements. In an article compiling several recent studies and books critical of the resurgent right, the leftist journal Salon concludes that conservatives are cognitively inferior to Progressives, and that many are latent psychopaths.


From that perspective, conservatives aren't merely mistaken about politics; they are to be regarded as innately evil and suitable only to be controlled by wiser and more insightful people.


Nearly all Progressives eventually embrace the conceit that only deranged and immoral people object to being ruled by them.



Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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