Patrick Buchanan Once Was Michael Brown

by Will

Liberty Minute October 7 2014

The officer who wrote the traffic citation probably didn?t expect the recipient to respond by punching him in the face. The same was probably true of the second officer who arrived to assist. They managed to subdue the suspect and take him to jail without drawing their guns.

The offender wasn?t sent to prison, but there were consequences. He was expelled from school for a year, but he managed to graduate and go on to a lucrative career as an influential political commentator and three-time presidential contender.

As a college-age man, Patrick Buchanan assaulted two police officers. He has this in common, allegedly, with the late Michael Brown, who may or may not have assaulted Officer Darren Wilson. In recent columns, Buchanan has characterized Brown as a ?thug? who was justifiably killed by Wilson, despite the absence of evidence that Brown actually assaulted the officer.

If Wilson was right to use lethal force against an unarmed teenager who allegedly punched him in the face, wouldn?t Buchanan have to admit that the officers he assaulted would have been justified in putting him in the ground? Or might it be that the police of Buchanan?s youth practiced de-escalation, a skill largely unknown to their militarized contemporary descendants?

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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