Patriots Defend their Homes, Not the Invaders

by Will

Liberty Minute October 6 2014

This Christmas will see the release of a new film entitled ?American Sniper,? adapted from the autobiography of former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. A recently released clip from the film shows Kyle doing overwatch as a Marine patrol occupies a devastated Iraqi neighborhood.

Kyle sees a child with an object that appears to be a grenade. As Kyle?s haunted eyes focus on his target, and his finger prepares to pull the trigger, the viewer is shown a brief montage of scenes of the sniper at home with his lovely wife and beautiful children.

The sniper appears to be caught in a horrible dilemma. But for that dilemma to exist, the sniper would have to face irreconcilable moral absolutes. That is not the case here. Neither Kyle nor the troops he is protecting had any right to be where they were, and every reason to leave. This isn?t true of the Iraqis who lived there.

An authentic patriot would instinctively sympathize with the child who was defending his neighborhood, rather than the sniper who was poised to kill him. And a patriot would insist that the lives of US fighting men should not be wasted on useless and counter-productive foreign wars.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.


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