Pockets of Resistance and Sleeping in Caves


Our motto for this outing was, ?You haven?t truly lived, until you don?t truly know if you?re gonna live.? We ventured into the blowing snow on the slopes of Mount Hood, armed with a snow shovel and zero-degree sleeping bags. What would freedom really be like if we ever had it? It would be a challenge and uphill struggle. Not quite as comfy as being lulled into a trance by the gods of the new world order, but that?s the way I like it.

We braved the icy slopes and high winds, to carve out a little refuge for ourselves in the mountain wilderness. The journey was not without some difficulty. At one point, I told my son, ?God lets us get ourselves into difficult circumstances, so he can demonstrate his grace and power so deliver us.? Grown men were overcome and turned back, but when we finally bedded down in our cozy cave, I thought that if my seven-year-old girl could remain steadfast, there may yet be a future for our civilization. At times when the camcorder was not frozen solid, or we were not fully engaged against the elements, I took some brief video of the adventure.


We slept in late, and were awoken to the sound of gunfire. ?Check it out, dad, he?s got a Glock 9mm.? One of our party was rejoicing in the new day with the rousing sound of freedom. Not to be left out in the cold, I whipped out a Walther P22. As we were just about to squeeze off a few rounds, a group of people from across the ravine started shouting at us, ?It?s illegal for you to shoot your guns in a National Recreation Area!? Our companion yelled back, ?Who are you? A ranger??. ?No, but if you don?t stop it right now, I?m going to have to come over there and make you stop!? ?What are you going to do? Shoot us?? ?No, but I?m going to take you into custody.? Fortunately, the group of communist ski bums didn?t attempt to make good on their threat, though they did make a show of calling in to report us with their cell phones. I was under the distinct impression that some of the provisions of the Constitution were still tolerated on federal lands, but maybe such remnants of American civilization exist only in my imagination.

Some time ago I watched a History Channel re-enactment of a battle against insurgents in Iraq. I didn?t expect that they would dare venture to address the question of whether the offensive was morally justified or not. I heard, ?This offensive was necessary to defend the basic human rights of the Iraqi people.? They explained how the insurgents were not local, and that they had taken over the city and prevented the locals from carrying weapons in public. ?This right is fundamentally important to the Iraqi people, and the American forces have restored it to them.?

After we made it out alive from our snow caving adventure, we were enjoying a hot breakfast in a restaurant. My son leaned over to me to whisper a comment, ?Americans are dying in Fallujah so that Iraqi boys can carry their AK-47s down a public street, but inside America they are about ready to kill us for a daring to do a little target practice on public lands.? Pockets of resistance, and sleeping in caves? My patriot friends, we are not that far off?

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