Police Brutality as a Reflex

by Will

Liberty Minute January 24 2014

 Kang Wong is an 84-year-old New York resident who doesn't understand English. Late in the afternoon on January 19, Wong was crossing the street when a police officer, believing the elderly man was jaywalking, ordered him to stop.

 Because of the language barrier, Wong didn't immediately respond. The officer escorted him to a nearby bank and attempted to write a ticket. Still not understanding what was happening, Wong started to walk away. The officer seized the octogenarian, who tried to shove the stranger's hands away. That provoked intervention by several other officers, who beat the confused man bloody and arrested him.

 A few weeks ago, 64-year-old Oklahoma resident Pearl Pearson, who is deaf and diabetic, was stopped by a state trooper for leaving the scene of an accident. Despite the fact that Pearson's vehicle has a placard explaining his hearing impairment, the trooper began to bark orders that the driver couldn't hear. Outraged that the elderly man didn't immediately obey orders he couldn't hear or understand, two officers ? Eric Foster and Kelton Hayes ? beat him for seven minutes, then arrested him for resisting arrest.

 In America, such unwarranted, barbaric police violence is routine. It's doubtful that this can be said of any other country.

 Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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