Police Lie: Just Ask Officer Arrendondo

by Will

Liberty Minute January 30 2014

 Like countless other Americans, Los Angeles resident Sergio Arreola was the victim of criminal violence by the police.

 In April 2012, Arreola ? who was just finishing work ? got a phone call from his wife asking for him to help a relative with a flat tire. When he arrived on the scene, a Pomona police officer was there.. The officer, who was immediately abusive and suspicious, ordered Arreola to keep his distance, then to open his trunk. Arreola calmly complied ? only to be thrown to the ground and beaten by the officer and several others who arrived as backup.

 The incident was recorded on audio and video, and the record proved that the police lied about their actions. Nonetheless, Arreola was charged with resisting and obstruction, and as a result lost his job and his home. After a long and unnecessary legal struggle, he was acquitted. But he has yet to get his job back, and both he and his family have suffered irreparable harm.

 What distinguishes this incident from thousands of others like it is the fact that the victim is also a police officer.

 Yes, police abuse citizens, lie about their actions, and get away with it. Just ask Officer Sergio Arreola.

 Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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