Police Seek to Suppress Social Media Criticism

by Will

Liberty Minute June 18 2014


Most establishment media outlets are reluctant to devote critical attention to abuse and corruption on the part of law enforcement agencies. Social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have offered activists the means to document and publicize police misconduct. 

Thus it?s not surprising that many law enforcement officers are seeking to ban Facebook pages that they characterize as anti-police. They have established Facebook pages of their own, such as Stop the Cop Haters, and Night of Blue Lights that encourage police and supporters to troll pages that are critical of police abuses. This is done to provoke comments that can be construed as ?threats? or ?incitement? and then used to demand that Facebook suspend or ban the targeted pages.

?FACEBOOK IS ON BOARD WITH US!? exulted a cop in a comment to a page entitled ?Evolution of a Police State.? Another cop boasted that he had ?trolled? Cop Block?s Facebook page and expressed the hope that ?more people report them and they too get the Facebook ban hammer.?

?Let?s not delay,? urged yet another officer, ?we need a new page to destroy.?

All of this underscores the fact that police too frequently see the public as an enemy to be subdued, rather than people whose rights should be protected.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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