Running with Ron Paul


I had some dreams about Ron Paul last year. It was interesting, just hanging out with him.

8/23/2011: Riding in a van with Ron Paul, going to a rally at an ice-cream shop. Ron is very tired, and sleeping on my shoulder. We get to the ice-cream shop, and very few people are here. I place an order, and I was thinking to introduce him, but there is hardly anyone here. Then we go outside, and there is a whole parade of people with signs. We go into a gym. I am thinking to stand up front and say something, like a little intro speech. Then the guy who introduces him says nothing, but "Ron Paul" and the people don't hear him. I clap real loud to que to the people that Ron Paul has been introduced. He talks for a while about how the revolution is real, and not just tech-driven. Then Ron walks back towards the ice-cream shop, and everyone is following. A little fair-skinned boy walks up with a tag on him. Ron says it is human trafficking. I offer to take him and raise him as my own. As we come into the ice-cream shop, Ron mentions a website project that we had talked about earlier. I try to give the boy some gellato or something, but he is not interested, then I give him water, and he chugs it down.

I haven't been involved with the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, so I didn't know what to expect. I learned just a few days ago. however; that Ron was coming to Colorado, so I told my 15-year-old son that he would have to miss school, since he had an appointment with the "Doctor". So I picked him up at school, and he was nervous about getting caught. I keep trying to explain to him about what is important in life, but he keeps getting propaganda from others. Anyway, it was one of those situations where the circumstances seem to fight against you, which is the way I like it, because it requires some faith to move forward. We couldn't find the place, and we didn't have tickets (it was sold out), so I happened to see a young man, walking on the street, and I asked him about the place, and mentioned Ron Paul, and he was also going there. So I asked him to hop in, and he showed us where it was on campus. My son had his professional-looking camera equipment, so I dropped him off at the door, and told him to say that he was a volunteer with the campaign, so they would let him in. Once we were in, there was a brief quiet time, before Ron Paul appeared, where I could have delivered my pep talk.

When it came to the point however, I felt that it was not appropriate to crash someone else's party (the place was packed, with over 1000 people.) What I wanted to say (very loud, with emphasis) was this:

?Joshua fought the battle of Jerico. The army of Israel marched around the city for 7 days, and they were mocked, they were ridiculed. The walls of Jericho were high, impregnable, and could never be breached. But on the 7th day, they marched 7 times, blew the trumpets, and shouted with a great shout, and the walls came tumbling down! We face many great and high walls today: the Federal Reserve System, the military-industrial complex, the nanny state. It might seem that we cannot win, but we are the future of this country! We are the guardians of the Constitution! We will not settle for the lesser of evils! We will not let our choices be dictated to us! We will keep marching, and keep pushing, and keep shouting, until the walls finally come down, and we are free again!?

As it was, there we others who had organized this whole thing, and I had no permission from them, so all I did was start a little chant from the back ?President Paul! President Paul!? When those came out to introduce Paul, they were college students, inexperienced in public speaking, and it fell flat, until at the end of course, when Ron Paul was named. It was a great rally and stump speech, with much cheering from the crowd. My son had trouble getting decent video, because when the crowd would jump up and shout, it would block the view, and drown the mic. Good time though.

After that, we drove to Denver. On the way, my son slept in the passenger seat by my shoulder. When we arrived, we just happened to pull up at the same time as Ron Paul (which I didn't realize at the time) and a guy came out to direct their cars into a special parking area. I simply followed them, as I thought it was the way to the public parking garage, where everyone was going. Then the parking attendant blocked me, and we realized that the cars in front of us were the presidential motorcade. As we drove around the corner, we saw the Planned Parenthood headquarters for the whole region, with the regular protestors out front. I explained how I met them last year, and my son waved to them. Then I dropped him off in front of the hotel with his camera equipment, as I went to park. When I got inside, I couldn't find him, until I finally saw him up on the rear stage with the press corps.

This is the video he got in Denver.

It didn't turn out that great, but it was a great experience. I don't know what the rest of the dream means, but part of it seemed to be fulfilled at least.

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