Scanned Students March 29, 2007


In late January, fifth-grade students at Reese Road Elementary School in Frankfort, New York, celebrated ?Law Enforcement Day? by being run through simulated arrests. Students were fingerprinted and subjected to biometric scans. The personal information obtained will remain in police databases ? just in case.

Describing the event to the local newspaper, the school principal gushed: ?This program is so valuable for life lessons.... [I]t lets [students] know that, yes, these law enforcement officials are here to help them, but if the kids make wrong choices, they're also here to punish them.?

Actually, the only lesson taught here is that of submission to the State, irrespective of whether its power is exercised in a morally and constitutionally appropriate fashion.

Education in ?right choices? must begin with teaching respect for God's law and God-given individual rights. It will also cultivate a proper suspicion about government power, and the character to resist unlawful exercise of that power when necessary.

Students not taught those lessons are being prepared for slavery.

Let us stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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