Some Neo-cons Wish Bowe Hadn't Come Home

by Will

Liberty Minute June 3 2014

While the family of Bowe Bergdahl celebrates the release of the only American solider taken prisoner during the Afghan war, some supporters of that misbegotten venture are upset by the prisoner exchange that freed him.

Five years ago, Fox News contributor Ralph Peters described Bowe ? who had expressed misgivings about the war in messages to his family ? as a deserter and suggested that the Taliban would do the US a favor if they were to execute him.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, an aspiring presidential contender, appears to believe that the greater good would have been served by letting Bowe remain in captivity. According to Cruz, exchanging five terrorists for a US POW gives ?every other terrorist ? an incentive to capture more soldiers."

The Gitmo detainees, however, had no proven role in terrorist attacks, on in attacks on US military personnel. Four of them were scheduled to be released within a year. As the Christian Science Monitor points out, the US government has supported Afghan figures whose backgrounds are at least as bad as that of the five released detainees.

Bowe Bergdahl?s release from Afghan detention is an unalloyed blessing. Tragically, thousands of other US military personnel remain deployed there as hostages of the US government?s institutional vanity.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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