Speak No Ill of the Dear Leader

by Will

Liberty Minute August 14 2013

In a totalitarian system it is a crime to speak ill of the ruler. That being the case, what does it tell us that a silly rodeo stunt involving a clown in an Obama mask can be treated not only as a display of bad taste, but a crime and a national scandal?

As a result of the incident ? in which the audience was facetiously asked if it wanted to see the Obama stand-in run down by bulls ? the Missouri State Fair Commission announced that it may terminate its contract with the rodeo. The Missouri Rodeo Clown Association piled on by banning the performer ? whom it referred to as a ?rogue clown? -- for life. It also promised to require that all remaining members would undergo ?sensitivity training.?

This wasn?t enough to placate the NAACP, which demanded that the Justice Department investigate this incident as a crime. Obama?s partisans have reacted as if he were a helpless man threatened by the Klan ? rather than a death-dispensing bureaucrat who has slaughtered children, including a 16-year-old American teenager, from within an impenetrable security cocoon.

Free people are entitled to mock those who presume to rule them. Any other attitude is a species of idolatry.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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