Statism: The Deadliest Cult

by Will

Liberty Minute October 9 2014

Modern totalitarianism began with the French Revolution, during which the ruling cabal attempted to purge all vestiges of Christian influence from that country?s public affairs and private life, often through mass bloodshed. Even the calendar was not exempt from such scrutiny. The Jacobin revolutionaries disposed of the seven-day week, which reflected the creation account from Genesis, and imposed a new dating system that didn?t begin with Anno Domini, or the year of Christ?s birth.

The French Revolution provided the template for every subsequent secular government, from outright totalitarian regimes to less overtly despotic regimes that still seek to subordinate Christian culture in order to exalt the state. This requires the cultivation of a culture in which faith is described as a private matter ? and then the expansion of a government that effectively abolishes privacy.

American Christians rarely suffer overt persecution of the kind experience by our brethren overseas. But business owners who forego profits in defense of their values ? such as wedding photographers, florists, and bake shop owners who decline to offer services for so-called same-sex weddings -- find themselves subject to punitive fines and even the loss of their companies.

Of all varieties of religious fanaticism, the cult of the state is the most bigoted and bloodthirsty.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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