The Criminal Prosecutors of Flathead County

by Will

Liberty Minute October 2 2014

What you just heard was first- person evidence of a criminal conspiracy by the Flathead County, Montana Attorney?s Office and the Northeast Montana Drug Task Force. The woman in that recording, Kristina Corey, an informant, was married to a man who was being threatened with a twenty-year prison term if he chose to defend himself in court against drug-related charges. Deputy McKeag Johns ? who threatened to take the couple?s children -- explained to Mrs. Corey that the DA?s office was punishing her family because it didn?t like her attorney, Timothy Baldwin.

Baldwin?s supposed offense, Johns explained, was that he refused to cooperate with the DA?s office by arranging plea bargains, choosing instead to fight the charges against them. When Baldwin and his associates publicized the DA?s misconduct, the charges against his clients were dropped.  The Montana Attorney General?s office has declined to investigate Flathead County Attorney Dan Corrigan.

Criminal misconduct of this kind is ubiquitous in the so-called War on Drugs.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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