The Middle East Could Benefit from American "Neglect"

by Will

Liberty Minute July 15 2014

Unlike his father, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul is not a consistent non-interventionist. For example, Senator Paul supports some forms of foreign aid, which his father appropriately condemned as unconstitutional. Rand Paul has likewise voted in favor of sanctions against Iran, which are tantamount to acts of war.

However, Senator Paul has not embraced Party orthodoxy regarding foreign policy, which dictates unqualified support for US military intervention everywhere. This earned the disapproval of Texas Governor Rick Perry, who accuses Paul of promoting isolationism, and Senator John McCain, who describes Paul as embracing a ?Fortress America? mentality.

Speaking on CNN, McCain insisted that turmoil in the Middle East reflects an "absence of American leadership." This summons memories of a statement by 18th century British parliamentarian Isaac Barre about the American Revolution. Responding to condemnation of the "ungrateful" colonies who had been "nourished" by the Mother Country, Col. Barre pointed out that the Americans had thrived on imperial "neglect," and that it wasn?t until Parliament began to "care" for them that everything went awry.

Washington?s ?leadership? in the Middle East has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. It?s reasonable to believe that the long-suffering inhabitants of that region have been sufficiently blessed by American "leadership" and are praying for neglect.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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