The Purpose of Government is to Prevent Solutions


Political government is in the business of preventing solutions. It is an exercise in monetizing misery, and making problems profitable for politically connected interests.

This has been displayed to memorable effect by the response of the political class - and its enforcement arm - in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Since the storm, many residents of Rockaway Beach in Queens have been left without electricity, clean water, or suitable shelter. The retreating waters left many buildings infested with toxic mold that can have - and, for many residents, has had - severe health consequences, including acute respiratory difficulties.

Shortly after the storm, Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited the area for what he expected would be an adulatory photo-op. Instead, he was confronted by several residents who bluntly demanded that he explain why little if any relief had been provided.

During a return visit on November 29, Bloomberg was careful to limit his exposure by paying a brief, closed-door visit with the editorial staff of the local newspaper - after which he was whisked away to a helicopter by a phalanx of grim-faced police officers.

Rockaway Beach will recover through the help of the market and volunteer action - and at that point they can expect another visit from Bloomberg to take credit. That's what people of his ilk do.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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