The Redcoats Had NOTHING on Today's Local Police

by Will

Liberty Minute July 4 2013

Dustin Theoharis of Auburn, Washington was asleep in a basement bedroom when he was shot 16 times by officers who had come to the home looking for someone else. He was not a criminal suspect and had no access to a weapon when the officers opened fire in the darkened bedroom.

The assailants who shot Theoharis were Detective Aaron Thompson of the King County Sheriff?s Office and Corrections Officer Kris Rongen. They had arrested Theoharis?s roommate, Nicholas Harrison, an ex-convict who had failed to report for community supervision. Since Harrison was already in custody at the time of the incident, there was no need to conduct a ?safety sweep? of the residence.

By any reasonable definition, Detective Thompson and Officer Rongen committed the crime of attempted homicide.

 Now King County taxpayers will be forced to underwrite a $3 million payment to Theoharis in order to settle a lawsuit filed on his behalf. The King County Prosecutor?s office ruled that the shooting by Deputy Aaron Thompson and Correctional Officer Kristopher Rongen was legally justified ?because contemporary police, unlike King George?s Redcoats, enjoy something very close to complete impunity.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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