The Road Pirates of Collinsville, Illinois

by Will

Liberty Minute July 8 2014


In December 2011, Ohio native Terrance Huff, a professional filmmaker, was waylaid near Collinsville, Illinois by a state-licensed brigand named Officer Michael Reichert. After concocting a reason to stop Huff, Reichert fell into his well-practiced routine of inventing ?probable cause? to search the vehicle for evidence of drug possession or, failing that, something he could steal through ?asset forfeiture.?

Huff was released without charges, and he filed a lawsuit against Reichert and the Collinsville City Government. In April, he was awarded a $100,000 settlement. Huff created two short films depicting his experiences with Reichert and his criminal clique ? ?Breakfast in Collinsville,? and ?Lodging in Collinsville.?

In a commendable act of public service, Huff has used a portion of his settlement to produce another short film, ?Forfeiture in Collinsville,? which describes how police and prosecutors in that small town, working with their equally corrupt and predatory comrades in California, conspired to steal the life savings of Robert Stahl, a Ohio native and pioneering computer engineer.

The system of surveillance, anonymous accusation, and utterly lawless behavior by police depicted in this video is worthy of East Germany. It does nothing to benefit anyone other than incorrigibly corrupt people on both sides of the law.


Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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